Thank you…

…for a wonderful first season of baking bread!  Running this little business baking and delivering bread to you all has been an awesome experience. I had so much fun, I learned a ton, made some mistakes and learned some more. But the best part is that Pannier gave me the confidence to start another business, this time on a little farm in the beautiful mountains of Virginia.

I am deeply grateful to the very many folks who have supported me in this adventure. Matt, Heidrun, Anna, and the rest of incredible staff at Dufferin Grove Park, thank you for who welcoming me as a volunteer, training me, inspiring me, and then creating room for Pannier.  You continue to embody everything that is wonderful about that particular park.  My dear Pannier members, it was such a treat to bake bread for you!  Your enthusiasm and feedback was fuel for my creative fire, encouraging me to continue to take risks on recipes, which meant that I learned more than I hoped to about bread.  Mark, Sara, Sarah, Debbie, Anne, Peter, and John, thank you for your cheerful company and able assistance in the bakery.  Laurie, Colin, Bradley, and the couriers at Red Riding Goods, thank you for collaborating with me to make bicycle delivery possible!

Mimi, Simon, Bennett, Jesse, and Calantha, you welcomed me unquestioningly as a baker and demonstrated the generosity of that profession by sharing freely of your knowledge and resources.  I will do my best to continue that tradition.  Debbie and Peter, thank you for creating the perfect logo and web design, and for building my gorgeous custom oven peel. I am grateful for your friendship, and for the time, skill, and aesthetic you contributed to my project.  Jane, thank you for your delightful enthusiasm, and for Sky Pilot, your delicious and indefatigable sourdough starter. Cheryl, Janna and Dean, Justin and Danielle, Rebekka, and Christina, your business advice and encouragement was invaluable!  And thank you, my beloved friends and family, for believing in and supporting me, and what felt to me like an outrageously outlandish idea. This little seed would not have burst into life if it weren’t for you.


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  1. Congratulations honey! Mom is so proud! I’m sad this is ending so soon but glad I got to be a small part of it, and still enjoying the amazing bread. Can’t wait till the next adventure.

    You are amazing!

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