About Pannier

Pannier is a little community-supported bakery (CSB) in Toronto.  We bake bread every Monday in the wood-fired ovens at Dufferin Grove Park and then deliver bread to our members by bicycle.

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Why we love being a CSB!

We love being supported by the community because our shareholders make it possible for us to replace financial capital with human capital to get a good idea off the ground.  It gives us the ability to spend more on quality ingredients because don’t have to invest in retail overhead. We get to know who is buying our bread, and we have the freedom to experiment to try to make our bread even better. That’s because trying new things is risky, and in a community-supported venture, the risk is shared along with the benefits.

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So why be a member?

By buying a share you are taking ownership in your food, moving away from being a passive consumer and towards participation in an alternative food system that stewards the land and community.

You are buying into a food chain that is short, local, and glued together by real relationships that connect you, the eater, directly to the sun and soil.

You are also helping to breathe life into timeless skills, from practices that build soil fertility, to small-scale milling, to the slow and gentle cultivation of the living organisms that ferment the bread you eat.

You are supporting community members and friends who share your values and are following their hearts to make the world a little better for our grandchildren.

And you get to eat gorgeous bread!

So far so good?  Click here to read about how it works!