How it works

Pannier is starting out with a 22-week “season” that runs from March 13 to July 22.  We ask that you purchase a minimum of six weeks, but you may also opt to sign up for the remainder of the season.

We offer two kinds of shares here at Pannier:

Full share ($11/week) A full share gets you two kinds of bread per week, weighing in at about 1 kg depending on what’s baking that week.

Half share ($5.50/week) A half share also gets you two kinds of bread per week, but half the amount, so some loaves may be cut in half to maximize variety!

Getting your bread When you order your share, you will have the option of picking it up yourself, or having it delivered wherever you want by bicycle.

Pickup (free of course!) Shares are available for pickup at Dufferin Grove Park between 3-6 pm on Mondays. You can find your bread in an unmarked grey rubbermaid container outside the bakery door.

If you are a member of the biology community at the University of Toronto, then you can also pick up your bread at the ESC round room after delivery mid-afternoon on Monday.

Delivery ($1/week per full- or half-share) Pannier is delighted to partner with Red Riding Goods to provide delivery of your bread by bicycle to wherever you like at a flat rate of $1/week per full- or half-share.  Read more here.

NEW! We are switching to reusable cotton bags!

We love our new hand-made organic cotton food bags from Envirothreads.  The way the bags will work is that you will be charged a $10 deposit for two bags when you pay for your share.  When your share expires, you can either keep the bags or return them for a full refund.

Each week, you can take your bread home in a bag, which will have your name on it.  The following week, you just put the bag out with your container, or bring it back to the pickup point.  If you pick up your bread at the park, you can opt out of the bags if you wish.

Share renewals If your share is expiring and you wish to continue, there is no need to do anything, your share will automatically renew, and we will send you an invoice.  If you wish to make changes to your share, just let us know.  If you choose not to renew your share, then we would ask that you please notify us as soon as possible so that we can offer your spot to someone else.

Vacations and cancellations We will happily credit your account if you go on vacation or need to cancel for another reason.  To receive credit, please cancel your share by Friday at 9 pm of the week you wish to cancel. This is because we plan our bakes and start our breads fermenting three days before they go in the oven, so we won’t be able to make any changes after this time. Please note: If you forget to cancel in time, please still let us know when you think of it so your bread isn’t wasted. We try to donate any late-cancelled orders or un-picked-up bread to Dufferin Grove Park.

A caveat from the baker I love the challenge of working with the variability of local flour, wild cultures, wood heat, and weather, but with that variability comes the risk that I might at times misjudge things and get substandard results. This won’t happen often, but if it does, I will share with you what happened so that we may all learn from it, and I will make sure your next share more than compensates you for any disappointment.

Refunds We want you to be happy!  You have the right to cancel your share at any time for a refund of the remainder of your share.

Ready to get started?  Hooray!  Click here to go to Pannier’s order form!