Week 2: A spelt family

An unexpected pleasure last week was how well the fougasse sliced and toasted up. I had never thought to try eating it that way before, but toasting brought forward the nutty-sweet flavour of the sifted red spring wheat. Plus, its topography makes for many delightful little pools of butter.  Two buttered slices paired with Mennonite prosciutto from Fresh From the Farm made the perfect afternoon snack.

This week, my spelt flour is aged enough to make one of my favourite breads–a whole grain sourdough spelt.  No white flour here, just a 90:10 mixture of sifted and unsifted whole grain spelt flours.  To complete the little spelt family, I’ll be adding unmilled spelt grains this week, which also helped make last week’s multigrain pleasantly nutty. I’m hoping they’ll do the same this week.  Plus, I think they’re adorable.