The breads

My apologies, this page is still under construction.

Pretty little buns We love everything about making these little seedy buns! They are made with 60% whole grain Osprey wheat flour and a pre-fermented commercial yeast starter, which gives them full flavour and a gently crisp crust. These are delicious sliced in half and toasted for breakfast, or dipped in your favourite soup or stew. Ingredients fermented dough (P&H organic white flour, water, yeast), whole grain K2 Osprey wheat, P&H organic white flour, poppy or sesame seeds, sea salt.

A note on allergies Please let me know if you have allergies to any of the ingredients listed on this page.  Because of the way my workspace is set up, I unfortunately can’t guarantee that trace amounts of allergens will not find their way into my bread.  I am, however, willing to consider making changes to my workflow so that breads made with allergens happen last.  Please contact me to discuss!