The people

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The baker Pannier is owned and operated by me, Heather Coiner, an ecologist, educator, musician, and yes, self-trained baker.  I started making bread a few years ago because I couldn’t consistently buy the simple, fermented, aromatic loaves I wanted to eat.  It didn’t take long before I was hooked on the infinite mystery of bread! It couldn’t be more simple–its just flour, salt, and water–but whether you get glue, or a crusty aromatic baguette involves judgements about time and feel that depend on the weather, your ingredients, your culture, and probably also the moon phase for all I know!  The beauty of bread is that most of the time it works, even if you’re not sure why.  Pannier is my way of feeding my desire to keep learning about the magic of good bread. If you follow my blog, you’ll read all about the things I try (including the disasters!). If you want to learn more, come hang out with me at the park on bake day. I look forward to getting to know you!


The bike delivery team We are delighted to collaborate with Red Riding Goods, the company with a killer name that has set out to make Toronto a cargo bike city! They ride the super-cool two-wheeled Bullitt cargo bikes, which can haul up to 250 lbs of stuff. Bradley and his team cover the entire city, delivering take-out, bike parts, coffee, packages and, of course, bread!


Our first cyclist Laurie Featherstone did a stellar job of powering Pannier bread deliveries for our first three two and a half months. We will miss her, but you can still find her moving good food around Toronto by bicycle. Her company, Two Wheels Green Delivery, delivers everything from farmer’s market produce to vegan soups to fair-trade coffee to homes and offices. Its her way of feeding her love of cycling, reducing pollution and connecting her community to good food.  Go ahead and ask her about the other awesome products that she delivers!