What is a CSB?


Pannier is a community-supported bakery.  (More company description stuff)

The craft of bread-making

I delight in the infinite variability of the bread-making process. I bring up bread entirely by hand from living, local flours and wild live cultures, and I bake outdoors with wood in all kinds of weather.  It is fun and challenging, it tickles my skills as an ecologist, and as a shareholder you can actively participate [read more here].

Because I am practicing a craft, and not an industrial process that has removed life from the process, I might at times misjudge things and get substandard results. If this happens, I will share with you what has happened, so that we may all learn from it, and I will make sure your next share compensates you for any disappointment.


Rewards of being a shareholder

I depend on you, my dear shareholders, to [support—>why pannier] me, so I make every effort to reward your generosity.


Each share purchase comes with:

A tasty welcome gift in your first share

A tasty thank you gift in your last share

One organic cotton bag, to carry and store your bread

A little booklet introducing you to your share


In addition each share is delivered with:

Freezer bags, because sometimes you want to keep a little for later


By far the biggest reward of being a shareholder is that you know that you are supporting a member of your community who shares your values, and who has followed her heart. [Read more here—>about].

By buying a share you are taking ownership in your food, moving away from being a passive consumer and towards participation in an alternative food system that stewards the land and community.

You are buying into a food chain that is short, local, and glued together by real relationships that connect you, the eater, directly to the sun and soil.

You are also helping to breathe life into timeless skills, from practices that build soil fertility, to small-scale milling, to the slow and gentle cultivation of the living organisms that ferment the bread you eat.  If this sounds like you, click [here—>ordering] to get started!